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0113-Zum Einfluss des Dickdarmes auf die Lungenfunktion

How to utilize the Large Intestine 


The Large Intestine meridian has more of an impact on the respiratory system than it does on the large intestine.

“The Large Intestine is responsible for transportation of all turbidity. All waste products go through this organ.”
– Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine

The Large Intestine meridian is paired with the Lung meridian.

This pairing gives us the clue to use the Large Intestine meridian when treating disorders of the lungs and respiratory system. The Large Intestine meridian is one of the three Yang meridians on the arm.
The first point (LI 1) is located at the end of the first finger. From the first finger, the Large Intestine meridian runs over the back side of the forearm, upper arm, up the side of the neck and ends at acupoint LI 20, near the nostril.
Internally, the Large Intestine meridian connects with the lungs and large intestine organs.
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It is surprising that the Large Intestine meridian and many of its points are used to clear out respiratory issues. Use Large Intestine points to relieve conditions such as a stuffy nose, head cold, cough, aches and pains associated with colds and flus.
Treating the common cold is one of the most confounding challenges for western medicine. Chinese Medicine offers an excellent method of both treating and preventing colds. The Large Intestine meridian is a key player the treatment of colds and flus in Chinese Medicine.
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